April Technology Updates

April Technology Updates Whether you’re just starting out as a digital marketer, small business owner, or social media entrepreneur, you’ll agree that the business landscape is ever changing. Here’s everything that happened in April: Apple Apple is Revamping In-store Educational Sessions....Read More

April Updates for Social Media Platforms

April Updates for Social Media Platforms April was a busy month in the world of social media marketing. We’ve rounded up the news you need to know to keep you on top of your game. Facebook New Facebook Messenger features include changes to the virtual assistant, QR code-like capability, and game related...Read More

March 2017 Technology Updates

March 2017 Technology Updates The TOCmedia team wants to make sure that every social media manager, digital marketer, and small business owner has the tools they need to succeed. Here’s our round up of what happened in the technology world in March 2017: Apple Apple has acquired Workflow, the...Read More

Top 11 Social Media Updates in March

Top 11 Social Media Updates in March Our TOCmedia social media team keeps a close eye on current social media trends and advancements to ensure maximum impressions and engagement for our clients’ content. Here’s what we discovered in March: Facebook Facebook adds Messenger Day, essentially Intsagram...Read More


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