9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Website Copy

9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Website Copy

Writing SEO friendly website copy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have something to say, sell, or review, getting your content in front of your target audience can be easier than you think. To help, we’ve rounded up these 9 easy ways to write SEO friendly website copy.

Here they are:

1. Create Engaging Long Tail Keywords

The trick is to get these as specific as you can. Find your niche and drive it home. For example, if you are selling “travel clothing for women,” don’t use that as your main keyword. Instead, try “compression shorts for girls” or “hiking boots for fallen arches” and your customer base will easily find you.

2. Pick Great Short Tail Keywords

Once you’ve nailed you long tail keywords, using broader short tail keywords will also boost your rankings. So go ahead, include “traveling clothing for women.” It can’t hurt you.

3. Remember your Image Names

Search engines like Google also run images searches, so while you’re creating your SEO friendly website copy, be sure to include your keyword in the names of any images you include.

4. Don’t Forget Alternative Image Text

While usually completed as a courtesy for the visually impaired, alternative image text is also another great opportunity for you to include extra keywords in your post.

5. Write Rockin’ Meta Descriptions

This is what your reader will see on the search engine results page under the title. Make sure it contains the keyword and a promise to deliver what they are looking for. Entice your reader; convince them that you’re it.

6. Show Love for Listicles

Listicles are the new black. Readers are more likely to click on articles with numbers in the title because they feel like the information will be well organized and easy to digest. You can’t deny this one; it worked on you!

7. Stay Active

The passive voice is not recommended by us. Its clunky feel is not something that is liked by most people. So, it should not be used in your SEO friendly website copy.

Ugh…see what we mean? If you “stay active” your readers will stay engaged.

8. Keep It Short

While longer, in depth articles can boost your rankings because they show you have “expertise,” your paragraphs should never be too long. It’s true: most casual readers are impatient and will feel overwhelmed by a block of super long text because they think it will be too much effort to read and will be more likely to just skip over it.

See! Kind of like you did (or wanted to do) there. Which brings us to…

9. Write for the Skimmer.

As you write SEO friendly website copy, you should keep in mind that most readers will quickly skim through the page to see if they truly need to read all of it. So don’t hold back: make subheading, use different font sizes, bold, italics, etc. Convince your reader you have what they need.

As always, if you need help infusing your content with SEO, make sure to contact us.

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7 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

7 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You’ve perfected your website copy and published some excellent blog posts, and you’ve got a product that offers unbeatable value to your customer.

But you have a problem: No one is reading your content. Your website is one big snorefest.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. And there are solutions that will remedy this situation. In this post, you’ll discover quick, cost-effective tips that will drive traffic to your website, getting your business the attention it deserves.

Tip #1 – Blogging

Give your customers a reason to come back to your website. Blogging is a quick and easy way to provide useful information and tips while sharing a bit of your company culture in the friendliest way possible. An updated blog piques the interest of readers.

Blog about topics that your customers need or would like to know more about.

For example, if you’re selling T-shirts for toddlers and your target customers are stay-at-home moms ages 25 to 35, you can post blogs about child care, housekeeping hacks, DIY projects, healthy recipes and fashion tips for busy mamas.

Tip #2 – Social media marketing

If you’re creating good content, don’t let it sit on your website waiting for people to read it, because it likely won’t happen. Promote your content, promos, products and services on your social media marketing channels, and make sure your branding is consistent on all your social media pages. It also pays to keep a content calendar that’s updated on a weekly basis.

If social media is your Waterloo, that’s OK ‑ the work can be quite tedious and time-consuming if you have multiple accounts to maintain. Consider hiring a social media consultant to do it for you instead.

Tip #3 – Email marketing

Email is an excellent source of targeted website traffic. To keep your audience engaged, send regular updates. Your email content could be anything from blog updates and discounts to limited-time offers, holiday specials and company announcements.

Tip #4 – Advertising

Ads are one of the most effective and fastest ways to generate traffic. Consider running a Google Adwords campaign or a Facebook Ads campaign. These advertising tools have options that allow you to target specific markets so you get the best bang for your marketing bucks.

Tip #5 – Optimize your content for search engines

For better search engine rankings, don’t forget to optimize your copy. Google has its own set of criteria when evaluating, and it isn’t just about keywords and links. Experts agree that the focus should be on quality, and all the technical stuff like keywords, links, meta titles and tags are secondary.

Tip #6 – Guest posting

Do you know a non-competitive business that shares a similar audience? Look for high-traffic blogs or companies with large social followings, and ask if you can guest post on their sites or get featured on their social media accounts. This kind of exposure is free most of the time, and if you do it correctly, it will drive lots of traffic to your site.

Tip #7 – List your website on business directories

Depending on your niche, there are different business directories where you can register your business for free. For example, if you’re a hotel owner, create a profile on Tripadvisor.com or Hotels.com.

A good business shouldn’t stay hidden. Drive traffic to your website with these tips, and start getting more views and sales in a few weeks’ time.

Website traffic is a crucial part of a solid marketing strategy. Schedule a consultation if you’re ready to make more sales by catapulting your website traffic.

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