3 Inexpensive Online Marketing Techniques

3 Inexpensive Online Marketing Techniques

In today’s technology driven world, many small business owners and marketers are overwhelmed when trying to find inexpensive online marketing techniques.

Below you will find a list of inexpensive online marketing techniques to help guide your marketing.

Email Marketing: If you had to choose one digital marketing platform, email marketing should be your first go to. Constant Contact pricing starts at 20 dollars per month for only 500 contacts. Email marketing is the most effective form of online marketing.

Email Marketing Quick Tips

  • Send at least one email newsletter per month.
  • Create attention grabbing email subject lines which encourage email recipients to open your email.
  • Review your email open rate and your email click through rate to optimize your campaigns.
  • Grow your email list. Collect emails by letting people know the frequency and contents of your email marketing campaign.

Social Media: Social media is a no-brainer. If you are still thinking about whether or not you should market your business on social media, then stop reading this blog. You should claim your URL address on all social media networks; however, your time should be spent where your target market resides. Because there are so many facets of social media, I’m going to give you quick tips for the three big ones – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook Quick Tips

  • Use Facebook to reach end consumers.
  • Business owners, sales professionals and marketing personnel should use their personal Facebook profiles to market their businesses plus create and nurture business relationships.
  • Post to Facebook Pages at least three times per week. Post should be 50 percent entertaining, 30 percent educational and 20 percent promotional.
  • Review Facebook Insights to see what’s working and what’s not.

LinkedIn Quick Tips

  • Use LinkedIn to reach business professionals if you are selling B2B services/products.
  • Participate in groups that are relevant to your industry and your location.
  • Update your personal LinkedIn status at least once per week to let people know you are doing business type stuff like writing contracts, attending business events, etc.
  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page.

Twitter Quick Tips

  • Use Twitter to market nationally and curate content for your networks.
  • Research Twitter to see what other companies are doing to market their business.
  • Join conversations by searching subjects and hashtags that are relevant to your products and services.
  • Post to Twitter five to seven times per day.

Two social media management tools that are helpful are Hootsuite and Meet Edgar.

Google Business: Google business is a great way to collect lasting reviews of your products and services; and, it’s free! Many people set up their business Google account wrong. The appropriate way to set up your business Google account is to have one Google account per brand. Therefore you will have one Gmail account which is connected to your YouTube, Google Business, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google AdWords and all other Google products for that specific brand.

Google Business Quick Tips

If you need help with setting up your accounts or one on one training, contact TOCmedia receive a quote.

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