Social Media Management Tools for Small Business Owners

Social Media Management Tools for Small Business Owners

Here at TOCmedia, we work with many small business owners who have limited resources for their digital marketing campaigns. Being a small business ourselves, we completely understand the need to be as efficient as possible while still maintaining quality services.

We manage many Facebook Pages. Over the years, we have used various social media management tools. Here are the social media management tools that we recommend for small business owners.

I would like to preface this blog article with a note: each individual social media network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has its own set of etiquette and posting guidelines. You need to reformat content for each medium.

Facebook Publishing: By posting directly in Facebook, your Facebook Page posts will get more engagement. The problem with updating your Facebook Page directly in Facebook is it’s a little more time consuming and the Facebook Publishing user experience is not very sexy. You can preschedule posts, save drafts, and add various media (copy, graphics and video); but, you can’t see the scheduled posts in a calendar form or edit pre-scheduled posts easily. Facebook publishing should be first choice; but, for the sake of time you can use other forms of social media management tools to update your Facebook Page.

Mobile Applications: If you are a social media marketer, you should make sure you have all the social media mobile applications. Some social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are not functional via an internet browser. The functionality of social media mobile applications is changing by the second. You must keep up to date with the changes so you can be more efficient/effective with your social media marketing.

Hootsuite: I think Hootsuite is one of the primary go to social media management tools for small business owners. It’s highly affordable with plans starting right around ten bucks. It’s very comprehensive and works with all main stream social media networks. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

Meet Edgar: If you have a lot of evergreen content, Meet Edgar is a great platform for small business owners. This social media management tool allows you to build a library of content and set a schedule for publishing. Starting plans run about $50 per month.  Check out our full Meet Edgar review here.

Regardless of what social media marketing tool you use, you will need someone to monitor the social media networks for technological changes, industry news and trending content. You will also need someone to moderate comments and direct messages. Let’s face it, social is not going anywhere and you have to start somewhere.

If you are completely lost and have no one to turn to, you’ve found the right website to land on!

TOCmedia works with many small businesses to get them up and running and pointed in the right direction. We can also create or fix your social media networks, integrate them with your marketing/sales goals, provide you with basic training and set you free into the digital world.

Either way, feel free to contact us at any time to explore your options.

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Social Media Management: Meet Edgar Review

Social Media Management: Meet Edgar Review

We are using a new social media scheduler, and we are seriously digging it. changed the way we work on our social media accounts. And we are excited to share our Meet Edgar review along with the pros and cons of this new yet very impressive social media scheduler.

What makes it different?

If you are a social media marketer, you probably subscribe to Buffer or Hootsuite. These schedulers are great in their own right, and many people use them.

We were one of those people, and here’s what our old posting activity looked like:

  • We scheduled dozens of posts
  • The posts went live
  • We scheduled dozens more
  • The posts went live
  • Rinse and repeat!

It was a very time-consuming process, as we take our time to create posts that are unique and engaging. It was quite a challenge to keep the flow going every week.

That was before Meet Edgar.

Here’s our new process with Meet Edgar:

  • We schedule two weeks’ worth of posts
  • The posts go live
  • Edgar recycles the posts
  • We sit back and relax!

Did you notice the big difference?

Here’s the actual step-by-step process, in case you are curious:

Step 1: Choose and connect your social media accounts

Step 2: Create a new post and give it a category (e.g., blog post, quote, tip, one-time post, etc.)

Step 3: Grow your library. Every post goes to your library and stays there until you delete it.

Step 4: Build up your schedule. Click “Add Timeslot,” and choose the category from which you want to draw an item.

Step 5: The queue will auto-populate and preview your ready-to-go posts within the next two weeks. Edgar recycles your posts intelligently by pulling out the next lineup so you won’t publish the same post consecutively. And that’s it!


  • Meet Edgar’s content recycling system will save you a huge amount of time. If you want to save dozens of contractor hours and dedicate that extra time for clients, family, learning, recreation or other important stuff, you definitely have to Meet Edgar.
  • It has a basic statistics feature (perfect for people who are not wholly fond of analytics) that gives a quick snapshot of what types of posts get the most attention.
  • It’s perfect for Twitter users. Edgar will liberate you from mass content creation.
  • It’s for high-quality content creators. Edgar conveniently shows each of your posts in an organized timeline, and allows easy editing.
  • There’s a free two-week trial to anyone who signs up!


  • It’s pricier compared to its older counterparts. It’s a $49 monthly commitment.
  • Only 10 accounts are allowed for the basic package. (Hootsuite allows up to 50 accounts for its cheapest monthly membership.) We really hope Meet Edgar increases the limit.
  • It’s a one-way conversation. If you are looking for a tool where you can monitor mentions and reply right off the dashboard, Edgar doesn’t have it.

Pro tip: If you have a account, connect it, and Edgar will automatically shorten links. Another huge time saver!

Thank you for reading our Meet Edgar review. Let us know in the comments section the best thing you like about

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