My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I love Google Chrome. It’s my favorite internet browser for many reasons. Mostly, I like the fact that it connects to my Gmail account and saves all my search history and bookmarks in the cloud. Therefore, I can log into Google Chrome anywhere and have the same digital surfing experience. This is very important especially since my entire business model is fluid.

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you know there are third party extensions that do all sorts of things. Below are some of my favs.

LastPass: I use LastPass to manage all my personal and professional usernames and passwords. The LastPass Google Chrome Extension allows you to log into your online accounts with ease. You only need to remember one password, sign into the extension and bam, you’re able to get into your account. LastPass also allows you to buy additional licenses starting at just $24 per year. The licenses are used to provide your team with secure access to your accounts without allowing them to change or view the login information.

Sprout Social: I’ve used many social media management tools; but, I like Sprout Social for managing my Twitter accounts. The Sprout Social Google Chrome Extension allows you to share and pre-schedule social media updates to various accounts at once by clicking on the Sprout Social icon in the top right of your Google Chrome browser (where all the extension icons are located).

Hootsuite: When I want to mass schedule to various accounts (not just Twitter) I use the Hootsuite Google Chrome Extension. It basically does the same thing as the Sprout Social Google Chrome Extension. Hootsuite in comparison is more affordable to small business owners.

Facebook Invite All: One of my all-time favorite Google Chrome Extensions is the Facebook Invite All. As you may or may not know, I manage many Facebook Pages and have a decent size friend list on my personal Facebook account. I sometimes invite my entire Facebook friends list to the business pages I manage and to events that I’ve created for TOCmedia or our clients. By using the Facebook Invite All Google Chrome Extension, I can easily invite all of my Facebook friends with just one click of the extension icon – like bam, it’s done!

ColorZilla: The newest favorite addition to my Google Chrome Extension arsenal is ColorZilla. This tool allows me to drop my pointer on any spot within the browser and pull color information in a hex decimal or RGB. This comes in handy when I need to create Constant Contact email marketing templates for clients who do not have access to their logo files. I just run over to their website and bam, I got the colors I need to create an amazing website/brand matching email marketing template that their clients will recognize.

So if you’re in need of some time saving tools to help you manage your online passwords, social media and create quick branding material, there you have it. You’re welcome.

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