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It’s a simple fact of life: Everything that is created has to be properly and lovingly maintained. That goes for everything from cars … to houses … to people. And it goes for WordPress websites. Simply creating your website—but then not properly and professionally maintaining it—can be an invitation to disaster. You risk your content being out of date … your website functioning poorly … or even the more dangerous threats of computer viruses, malware, or security breaches.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Let TOCmedia create your WordPress website, THEN provide your site with the sure-fire WordPress Management Services you need.

Make Sure WordPress AND Your Plugins Are Properly Updated

To function at peak efficiency, WordPress websites have to be updated whenever WordPress updates their content-management system. In the past, this has been roughly every 18 months—but the lightning-fast pace of technology has accelerated that tremendously. And WordPress websites often use third-party plug-in’s that are updated even MORE rapidly. So if you have no WordPress Management Services updating your mainframe and plug-in’s, you risk a multitude of serious problems in your website.

Leave those worries behind by using TOC’s WordPress Management Services. With this must-have solution, you’ll get:

  • SMOOTH WEBSITE FUNCTIONING … If your website goes down for any reason, our developers will get immediate notifications, so we can get you back up-and-running as soon as possible.
  • AUTOMATED DAILY BACK-UPS … Every day, we’ll create a total backup of your files, so you never have to unduly worry about data or other information being lost.
  • WORDPRESS AND PLUG-IN’S UPDATES … We will continually monitor your website, and apply any available core and plug-in updates offered by WordPress.
  • CONTENT UPDATES … TOCmedia can also manage your website in terms of updating content, to keep it fresh.
  • PEACE-OF-MIND SECURITY … Your site will be armed 24/7 against security threats, and continually monitored for any new ones that may arise—with swift action taken whenever needed.

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