It’s an incredibly frustrating problem. You want a great website for your business … you hire talented people to create that website … they do a great job … then … then … nothing much happens. Your great website is up and running—but it’s not doing much, because your company is not adequately “popping-up in the listings” when a local person Googles the product or service you offer.

Now there’s a very powerful solution—direct from TOCmedia. We call it “Local Search Engine Optimization.” And it’s the key to DRAMATICALLY increasing your online visibility when future local customers search online for products or services you offer.

How Local SEO Works

The best way for a business with a local physical address to be highly visible online—to maximize its SEO—is to be listed on dozens of websites. But who has the time, money, or patience to make THAT happen?

That’s where “Local Search Engine Optimization” comes in. By purchasing this benefits-rich service from TOCmedia, your company information—who you are, what you do, your list of services, your contact information, etc.—is sent out to more than 200 publishers across the web. Imagine THAT “ripple-out” effect! This is—by far—the fastest, most efficient way to get noticed online.

A Real-Life “Power-Up” Example

Here’s a real-life example of the phenomenal SEO-boosting power you get from this service: Recently, TOC was approached by a construction company in Scarborough, Maine that—you guessed it—had a nice website that simply wasn’t popping-up much when people Googled (for example) “siding” or “windows.” So the company requested “Local Search Engine Optimization” from TOC.

The result? Within literally 24 hours, they were popping up all OVER the place when people Googled “siding” or “windows,” or many other products and services they offered.

It was like taking their SEO go from zero to 100 mph in five seconds. And it can be that way for your business, too!

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