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The Secret to Attracting Superior-Quality Leads

The statistics are stunning. And they show EXACTLY why content marketing is so crucial today:

  • Businesses who actively engage in content market experience 7.8 TIMES more website traffic than those who don’t;
  • Content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than outbound marketing—yet generates 3 TIMES as many quality leads.

So what exactly IS content marketing?

It’s the creation of highly appealing, valuable-to-your-audience content—blogs, White Papers, ebooks, emails, websites, and more—that position your organization as having the expertise your target audience seeks. This kind of marketing (sometimes called “in-bound marketing) acts like a powerful magnet to attract new leads and engaged customers.

What TOC’s Marketing Expertise Means for You . . .

As one of Maine’s top markeing specialists, we know exactly how to get your content seen on the Internet—then responded to in the way you want. Virtually 24/7, your content can be turning these higher-quality leads into paying customers.

Turn to TOC for the full range of content marketing steps and services, including:

  • MARKETING STRATEGY … Our seasoned team will work with you to create exactly the right marketing messages to maximize your ROI.
  • COPYWRITING … With more than 20 years combined experience, our professional copywriters can be your premier source for blog posts, websites, social media posts, White Papers, Special Reports, emails, ebooks, and more.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN … We oversee a group of highly talented graphic designers who will work with you and our copywriters to create the perfect look and feel for your message.
  • VIDEO … On a strict budget? No problem! We can create video for all different budget levels, to fit your marketing campaign’s precise needs.
  • MANAGEMENT / METRICS … To derive top value from your campaign, we’ll help you manage every facet of it, including offering you the analytics that will continually optimize the effectiveness of your marketing.

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