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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help small business owners navigate the technological landscape of media marketing, connect with their audience and reach their marketing goals. We’d like to do that while making our freelancers happy, paying our bills and of course making some money to continue growing.

Company Culture

You may have heard about us through social media, a friend or a business associate. It’s a good chance you’ve heard a little about our President and CEO, Tracy O’Clair, as her tentacles spread deep into the social media networks.

What you might not know is that we are a team of entrepreneurial-spirited freelancers out to follow our passions. Our team of freelancers have been vetted out for quality, strength and character.

All of our freelancers are firm believers in the virtual office – make money from anywhere – environment. We are all small businesses within our own right.

Another thing to mention about our team of marketing professionals is the fact that we are family oriented. Basically, we are good people.

As we grow, we’ll need more good people to join our team. If you seem to fit the bill, drop us an email through our contact form.