10 Cyber Monday Ideas for Your Small Business

10 Cyber Monday Ideas for Your Small Business

Cyber Monday is literally the Black Friday of online retailers. It’s an excellent way to boost your 4th quarter sales, end your year “in the black,” AND expand your brand’s online reach.

Here are our top 10 suggestions for ways to make that happen:

Expand your server

Make sure your server is ready to handle the high-than-normal traffic you’ll receive. Nothing discourages sales like website crashes.

Stock Up

If you sell a physical produce, it’s a good idea to stock up before sale day, so you can turn as large a profit as possible.

Discount your prices

This might seem like a no-brainer on the biggest sale day of the year, but be sure to only offer discounts on large bundles of services where you can make up for the discount in bulk.

Offer a trial

If your business offers any sort of monthly services, offering 1-month free for Cyber Monday is a great way for clients to get their feet wet – and get hooked.

Create a code 

Provide a unique coupon code or link to participate in a “too good to be true” deal on your website. To encourage participation, make the offer seem exclusive, e.g. “only 20 spots available!”

Use the right #Hashtags

The best Cyber Monday promotional hashtags are #BlackFriday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, #SmallBizSat, and of course #CyberMonday

Extend the Offer

Help you customers ease into larger purchases by extending the convenience of Cyber Monday deals well past midnight. You can offer a refundable coupon code or a heavy discount on a gift card ($50 for $25), but require its use within a certain number of days.

Run a contest

This is a particularly great way to increase your engagement, especially if you utilize social media as a means of entry. Just make sure you are following each platform’s particular rules.

Give some freebies

You could offer a free consultation, buy one month of services, get one free, or even promise customers free shipping to encourage them to splurge on larger purchases.

Partner Up

Whether your business is completely digital or you have storefront, you are sure to see Cyber Monday success if you reach out to network contacts whose services complement your own. Create a shared advertisement and watch sales pour in.

If you want more help preparing your small business for Cyber Monday, please contact us.

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7 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

7 Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

Are you a social media manager looking to increase engagement with your audience? Or maybe you’re just bummed your friends aren’t interacting with your posts? Either way, we’ve put together these quick tips to get ensure you get the results you need.

  1. Post Often

Followers love consistency. If you want to increase social media engagement, you need high visibility. You should post on networks like Facebook and Instagram at least once a day, while you can post more often on platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

  1. Be Consistent

Posting around the same time every day will increase your social media engagement because your regulars will learn to expect your post and you’ll soon become a part of their routine. People tend to check their phones first thing in the morning, around lunchtime, and on the commute home. These are excellent times to post.

  1. Always Reply

People like to feel heard.  If you take the time to reply to each comment, concern, or quip left on your post, those who engaged this time are likely to return, thus increasing the visibility of your page.

  1. Leave Some Love

You should occasionally click through to the profiles of your most active followers and leave a few likes or reposts. People are usually excited when they receive attention from “brands,” so this is a surefire way to increase your social media engagement.

  1. Tracks the Trends

It’s essential to pay close attention to the way your followers engage with certain kinds of posts. Did your quinoa salad recipe attract tumbleweeds, but your 4th of July brownies went semi-viral? It could be that your community is only interested in desserts at the moment. You don’t have to completely pander to your audience, but make sure to pepper your page with things you know they want to see.

  1. Boost When Needed

Even the smallest of businesses need to have an advertising budget. If a post is doing well organically, why not boost it to thousands of new clients for only a few dollars? It’s easy to customize who your post reaches to maximize its impact.

7. Run a Contest

 This is the easiest way to earn organic likes and shares on any platform. People love to win! By asking a question or offering a prize, your social media engagement is sure to skyrocket.

If you have any questions or concerns about effective social media management, please be sure to contact us.

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5 Things you MUST Know about Updating Social Media Graphics

5 Things you MUST Know about Updating Social Media Graphics

Social media likes to shake things up. While the everyday user might think that means showing you a constant stream of engagement shoots and vacation photos, as a business owner – you think differently.

Popular social media channels, particularly Facebook, are known to constantly change the aesthetics of their business pages, prompting admins to panic about updating social media graphics to fit the new layout.

But never fear; we’re here to help.

Here are 5 Things you MUST Know about Updating Social Media Graphics:

  1. Stay on top of it.

Nothing looks worse to potential clients than sloppy social media pages. Since companies like Facebook are known to update the format of their business pages at least once a year, if not more frequently, account managers are tasked with constantly updating social media graphics. What looked great last week could now seem off-center and grainy, so make sure you stay on top of the trends.

  1. Pay attention to the details.

Larger social media platforms will often release the exact dimensions needed for graphics to excel. It is unwise to simply rework an existing photo to replace the outdated one, as the slightest difference in pixels could negatively impact the aesthetic. Being detail-oriented when updating social media graphics will really help your brand.

  1. Stick to your brand.

Speaking of brands, it’s essential that each new graphic posted to all of your social media accounts is consistent with the look and mission of your company, so your clients do not get confused and lose interest.

  1. Create shareable content.

Each post to social media is an opportunity to generate brand awareness and gain potential clients. Because of this, when updating social media graphics, account managers should keep “shareability” in mind. The more people see your posts, the better your business will preform.

  1. Stick around

While it would be all too easy to simply post a new graphic to ensure your page complies with a platform’s new layout and call it a day, successful account mangers stick around to interact with clients as they react to the page’s new look. Social media is built on relationships, so this is a prime time to build one with your customer base.

If you need help creating or updating your social media graphics, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to work with you!

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3 Great Apps for Virtual Offices

3 Great Apps for Virtual Offices


Wondering what the best apps for virtual offices are? You’ve come to the right place. Managing a team can be tough, but managing a team remotely can be even tougher. That’s why we rounded up the top 3 apps for virtual offices. And of course, we would not recommend them unless we knew they worked. TOCmedia uses the following apps and they keep us working like a charm.


Asana is one of the apps for virtual offices that keeps everyone sane. Its user-friendly interface allows team members to assign smaller steps within main tasks. This way, once a step is completed, no matter how small, team members can physically check it off. This leaves little room for confusion, as the whole team always knows where everyone is on the project. To make things even easier, Asana allows users to upload files and chat directly in the project thread, so all the useful information for a task is conveniently located together.


For more permanent storage, Dropbox is one of the best apps for virtual offices out there. Business accounts allow multiple team members to have access to the same well-organized, non-compressed files; it’s basically a digital file cabinet. It can also come in especially handy when you need to share files with your team that are too large to be sent by email and you don’t want to compromise their quality.


Think of Slack as texting on steroids. This colorful communication is one of the essential apps for virtual offices. If you need to ask a team member a quick question or send them a photo of your project, just slack them via the mobile app or desktop window. This way, you don’t have to go through the formalities of email and can receive timely answers. You also don’t have to sacrifice your work/life balance by giving your private number to your team. With Slack, you’re always available – but on your own terms.


These apps will revolutionize the way that you do business. As always, if you need help implementing them into your virtual office, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!


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9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Website Copy

9 Easy Ways to Write SEO Friendly Website Copy

Writing SEO friendly website copy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have something to say, sell, or review, getting your content in front of your target audience can be easier than you think. To help, we’ve rounded up these 9 easy ways to write SEO friendly website copy.

Here they are:

1. Create Engaging Long Tail Keywords

The trick is to get these as specific as you can. Find your niche and drive it home. For example, if you are selling “travel clothing for women,” don’t use that as your main keyword. Instead, try “compression shorts for girls” or “hiking boots for fallen arches” and your customer base will easily find you.

2. Pick Great Short Tail Keywords

Once you’ve nailed you long tail keywords, using broader short tail keywords will also boost your rankings. So go ahead, include “traveling clothing for women.” It can’t hurt you.

3. Remember your Image Names

Search engines like Google also run images searches, so while you’re creating your SEO friendly website copy, be sure to include your keyword in the names of any images you include.

4. Don’t Forget Alternative Image Text

While usually completed as a courtesy for the visually impaired, alternative image text is also another great opportunity for you to include extra keywords in your post.

5. Write Rockin’ Meta Descriptions

This is what your reader will see on the search engine results page under the title. Make sure it contains the keyword and a promise to deliver what they are looking for. Entice your reader; convince them that you’re it.

6. Show Love for Listicles

Listicles are the new black. Readers are more likely to click on articles with numbers in the title because they feel like the information will be well organized and easy to digest. You can’t deny this one; it worked on you!

7. Stay Active

The passive voice is not recommended by us. Its clunky feel is not something that is liked by most people. So, it should not be used in your SEO friendly website copy.

Ugh…see what we mean? If you “stay active” your readers will stay engaged.

8. Keep It Short

While longer, in depth articles can boost your rankings because they show you have “expertise,” your paragraphs should never be too long. It’s true: most casual readers are impatient and will feel overwhelmed by a block of super long text because they think it will be too much effort to read and will be more likely to just skip over it.

See! Kind of like you did (or wanted to do) there. Which brings us to…

9. Write for the Skimmer.

As you write SEO friendly website copy, you should keep in mind that most readers will quickly skim through the page to see if they truly need to read all of it. So don’t hold back: make subheading, use different font sizes, bold, italics, etc. Convince your reader you have what they need.

As always, if you need help infusing your content with SEO, make sure to contact us.

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