Emily Kammerlohr

Emily is highly experienced at creating SEO-rich, dynamic website copy and blog posts. She’s a super-talent for driving traffic to your website and increasing your leads, sales, and subscribers. Based in her hometown of Houston, Texas, Emily enjoys binge-watching Netflix originals, eating at Chipotle, and chronicling her travels on her blog, She’s a Trip.
25 Ways to Maximize Email Marketing

25 Ways to Maximize Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t as hard as it seems – if you have the right tools, that is. Here’s what you need to know to get started. The Basics Here are the most basic elements of ensuring that email marketing works for you. -> Use an email service provider like Constant Contact to avoid spam Breaking… Read More

Facebook Content – What to Avoid

Let’s face it: Facebook isn’t going anywhere. It’s imperative that as small businesses, we utilize Facebook to market our products and services. However, decoding the Facebook timeline algorithm can be difficult. To start, here is a short list of things to avoid: Always Selling or Promoting There are already enough ads on people’s newsfeeds. When… Read More