If you have ever been to Boothbay Harbor and didn’t go sailing on the Schooner Eastwind, you are missing out. TOCmedia recently acquired Schooner Eastwind as a client, so to gain some knowledge about the business, its history, and the experience we took a trip down to Boothbay Harbor to go sailing on the Schooner Eastwind. Being able to experience the client’s services first hand gave us a better understanding of their business which will help us create quality advertising and social media. Tracy O’Clair, her son Gage, and I found the Schooner Eastwind ticket booth at 20 Commercial Street in Boothbay Harbor. We talked with Cindy, who was operating the ticket booth, to learn more about the process of buying tickets, trip times, and the clientele who normally visit. She then brought us down to the boat, which was docked in front of the Fisherman’s Wharf Inn.

Meeting the Crew

We stepped on the boat where we met the captain, Tom, and first-mate, Michael. Both were very kind and knowledgeable about the history and operation of the schooner. They offered us a seat as we discussed important information for providing high-quality advertising and social media. Tracy asked key questions to gain an understanding of the company and the customers who often take the trip. We learned where many clients come from as well as facts about the boat, company, and employees. We got a peek into what sailing on the Schooner Eastwind is like before getting our chance to try it ourselves. Captain Tom was able to give us great information about the company, as he had taken on many roles through his years of service. He also suggested that we read the book Sailing Three Oceans, to learn more about the history of the boat and the family who built it. After learning about the Schooner Eastwind, we said goodbye to Tom and Michael until the 12:30 trip we were scheduled to sail on.

Discovering Boothbay Harbor

Between our meeting with the crew and our sailing trip, there was about an hour to discover what Boothbay Harbor has to offer. The town is what you would typically think of as a coastal Maine town. There is one main road and shops lining each street and side road. The smell of the ocean fills the air. We decided to grab a bite to eat in the meantime. We stopped at the Waves Restaurant for breakfast before getting a call from the owner of Schooner Eastwind, Tom Smith. After eating, we went back over to the ticket booth and met Tom. Tom’s parents built the Schooner Eastwind as well as the Appledore schooners that came before. Tom was able to give us some insight into what it was like sailing around the world and building the different schooners to give a different perspective on the history we had already learned from the crew.

Sailing in the Harbor

After meeting with Tom, it was time to go sailing on the Schooner Eastwind. All the passengers boarded the boat and took their seats on the cushions set up for each passenger. Once everyone was seated, Captain Tom gave some safety instructions and we began our trip. Michael and Tom prepared the schooner to go sailing and we pulled away from the dock. The harbor was filled with other boats and different types of buoys. The motor was used to get us out to the harbor before the sails were put up. Tom asked for volunteers to help Michael set the sails. The volunteers and Michael hoisted the sails by pulling ropes on either side of the boat. After the main sails were set, Michael finished by setting the other smaller sails and the engine was shut off, allowing us to be pushed by the wind.

We sailed through the harbor, around islands, slowly zig-zagging to keep moving forward. We saw many other boats, including other boats with sails and a boat with a fishing net, in the harbor. We also got to see wildlife such a seal who poked its head above the surface of the water, many ocean birds, as well as a young eagle. The sky was foggy so the fog horn at Burnt Lighthouse was sounding, although the sun did peak out every now and then. The experience was very peaceful and calming as the boat rocked slowly and the wind blew gently. After passing Burnt Lighthouse, we began to make our way back to the dock. Michael began to lower the sails and Captain Tom turned the engine back on. Captain Tom smoothly docked the boat, making it look easy, and thanked everyone for coming.

What You Should Know

Sailing on the Schooner Eastwind is a great opportunity to see the Maine coast from a different perspective and learn more about sailing. This is a great experience for those who like sailing, boats, or simply want to enjoy the experience. Schooner Eastwind is open seven days a week between late May and early October. The boat fits twenty-eight passengers per trip. Four tour times are offered each day at 10:00 am, 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. Tour times may vary toward the end of the sailing season. If you are interested in sailing on the Schooner Eastwind, you can call Schooner Eastwind at 207-633-6598 to speak with Cindy or Dick and to buy tickets. A credit card is required when purchasing tickets over the phone and cards are accepted at the ticket booth. Also, make sure you visit their Facebook page and website.

From visiting the client and being able to participate in the services they offer, I was able to learn a lot about the company’s brand and target market. The information we gathered will be used to execute advertising and marketing campaigns for the remainder of Schooner Eastwind’s sailing season. We will be able to create relevant and interesting content from speaking with the crew members and the owner. The photographs we took will also be used in advertising and marketing campaigns to show potential clients what to expect when sailing. Before visiting Schooner Eastwind, I had never been on a sailboat, so the experience truly allowed me to expand my knowledge. After being able to experience what Schooner Eastwind offers, creating content for social media and advertising will be easier and more accurate than if I had not been able to take the trip myself. Knowing now what the clients of Schooner Eastwind experience on their sailing trips, I feel confident that we will be able to create content for advertising and social media that matches the brand and needs of the company.