To start off my experience at TOCmedia, I had to create accounts through Asana, Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, LastPass, and Facebook Business Manager. Because I was unfamiliar with the programs, I got off to a bit of a slow start. I toggled with the settings and double checked the different steps I had been assigned using Asana. I wanted to make sure everything had been done correctly even though the tasks were fairly simple. As the week progressed I became more comfortable using the programs.

Once all my accounts were created, I was ready to start working on projects for clients. I began by meeting Tracy O’Clair in Waterville to take photos at Mainely Escapes. While at Mainely Escapes, I was also able to write my first Facebook post through TOC with Tracy’s help. Using the photographs I had taken, I created a schedule and posts for the month of June. I was also tasked to adjust the copy for the Mainely Escapes website.

The next meeting I had with Tracy was to take photographs at the two Kennebec Federal Savings locations in Waterville. I placed the photos I had taken in a Dropbox folder to be used in future social media posts. During the meeting, Tracy also gave me instructions for other tasks I would need to complete. We talked about the Mainely Escapes projects I mentioned as well as creating monthly and weekly calendars for TOCmedia, Online Emergency Supplies, Robert Street Automotive, and Mainely Escapes. I also asked some questions about finding and saving pictures on Dreamstime because one of my tasks was to find 20 stock photos from Dreamstime for Online Emergency Supplies’ Facebook page.

Working virtually requires motivation and dedication. I live on an apple orchard where there is always something to do and something going on. Distractions are abundant! I have had online classes in the past, however, which seem to have prepared me for working virtually. While I am still not familiar with the programs I must use to efficiently complete my tasks, I am becoming more comfortable with them and predict that within the next couple weeks I will be familiar with programs such as Asana, Slack, and LastPass. Because I live in an area without a great internet connection, the photos I needed to upload to Dropbox took about 45 minutes to upload and some shared data on LastPass would not work for me for about 24 hours but those are challenges I will have to overcome. I enjoy working virtually because I can work whenever works best for me.

Digital marketing will be essential in the future, with improvements in technology and the growing use of digital platforms. I am excited to gain experience with digital marketing and am interested to see it grow over time. As newer generations grow up surrounded by technology, traditional forms of marketing seem to be less effective with the younger audiences. Digital marketing is essential to businesses who want to gain the attention of their customers because information can be found so quickly and easily through social media and websites, with just a click of the finger.

Many of the tasks I have completed in the past two weeks have been through the use of technology. Not only do I use technology for digital marketing, but I also use technology to complete nearly all my work. Many days I am at home working from my laptop. Working virtually has already allowed me to gain experience with different digital platforms I was not previously aware of such as Asana, Slack, Dropbox, LastPass, and Facebook Business Manager. I enjoy using technology to complete my work and not having to travel each day to complete my tasks. The quality of work remains the same whether I commute or use technology to promote the businesses I will be working with. A bonus to working virtually is that there is more time for projects to be completed as less time is spent traveling. I have already learned a lot by working at TOCmedia and can’t wait to learn more!