Are you a social media manager looking to increase engagement with your audience? Or maybe you’re just bummed your friends aren’t interacting with your posts? Either way, we’ve put together these quick tips to get ensure you get the results you need.

  1. Post Often

Followers love consistency. If you want to increase social media engagement, you need high visibility. You should post on networks like Facebook and Instagram at least once a day, while you can post more often on platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

  1. Be Consistent

Posting around the same time every day will increase your social media engagement because your regulars will learn to expect your post and you’ll soon become a part of their routine. People tend to check their phones first thing in the morning, around lunchtime, and on the commute home. These are excellent times to post.

  1. Always Reply

People like to feel heard.  If you take the time to reply to each comment, concern, or quip left on your post, those who engaged this time are likely to return, thus increasing the visibility of your page.

  1. Leave Some Love

You should occasionally click through to the profiles of your most active followers and leave a few likes or reposts. People are usually excited when they receive attention from “brands,” so this is a surefire way to increase your social media engagement.

  1. Tracks the Trends

It’s essential to pay close attention to the way your followers engage with certain kinds of posts. Did your quinoa salad recipe attract tumbleweeds, but your 4th of July brownies went semi-viral? It could be that your community is only interested in desserts at the moment. You don’t have to completely pander to your audience, but make sure to pepper your page with things you know they want to see.

  1. Boost When Needed

Even the smallest of businesses need to have an advertising budget. If a post is doing well organically, why not boost it to thousands of new clients for only a few dollars? It’s easy to customize who your post reaches to maximize its impact.

7. Run a Contest

 This is the easiest way to earn organic likes and shares on any platform. People love to win! By asking a question or offering a prize, your social media engagement is sure to skyrocket.

If you have any questions or concerns about effective social media management, please be sure to contact us.