Writing SEO friendly website copy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you have something to say, sell, or review, getting your content in front of your target audience can be easier than you think. To help, we’ve rounded up these 9 easy ways to write SEO friendly website copy.

Here they are:

1. Create Engaging Long Tail Keywords

The trick is to get these as specific as you can. Find your niche and drive it home. For example, if you are selling “travel clothing for women,” don’t use that as your main keyword. Instead, try “compression shorts for girls” or “hiking boots for fallen arches” and your customer base will easily find you.

2. Pick Great Short Tail Keywords

Once you’ve nailed you long tail keywords, using broader short tail keywords will also boost your rankings. So go ahead, include “traveling clothing for women.” It can’t hurt you.

3. Remember your Image Names

Search engines like Google also run images searches, so while you’re creating your SEO friendly website copy, be sure to include your keyword in the names of any images you include.

4. Don’t Forget Alternative Image Text

While usually completed as a courtesy for the visually impaired, alternative image text is also another great opportunity for you to include extra keywords in your post.

5. Write Rockin’ Meta Descriptions

This is what your reader will see on the search engine results page under the title. Make sure it contains the keyword and a promise to deliver what they are looking for. Entice your reader; convince them that you’re it.

6. Show Love for Listicles

Listicles are the new black. Readers are more likely to click on articles with numbers in the title because they feel like the information will be well organized and easy to digest. You can’t deny this one; it worked on you!

7. Stay Active

The passive voice is not recommended by us. Its clunky feel is not something that is liked by most people. So, it should not be used in your SEO friendly website copy.

Ugh…see what we mean? If you “stay active” your readers will stay engaged.

8. Keep It Short

While longer, in depth articles can boost your rankings because they show you have “expertise,” your paragraphs should never be too long. It’s true: most casual readers are impatient and will feel overwhelmed by a block of super long text because they think it will be too much effort to read and will be more likely to just skip over it.

See! Kind of like you did (or wanted to do) there. Which brings us to…

9. Write for the Skimmer.

As you write SEO friendly website copy, you should keep in mind that most readers will quickly skim through the page to see if they truly need to read all of it. So don’t hold back: make subheading, use different font sizes, bold, italics, etc. Convince your reader you have what they need.

As always, if you need help infusing your content with SEO, make sure to contact us.



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