Small business owners often get confused when it comes to digital marketing; and, who can blame them! It’s hard to know and understand marketing if you haven’t any experience or training within the subject matter.

Here are the things that every small business owner should know about their website.


Your domain is a term that is interchangeable with URL and website address. A domain usually cost about $10 per year to register. You need to go through a third party to register your domain.

There are many companies that sell domain registrations. Once you have registered your domain, you need to point it to a hosting account.


Your hosting account is the physical location of your website. The digital files of your website live on a server located in a physical location. This is what you are paying for when you pay for “hosting”. Hosting can cost anywhere from four dollars to several hundred dollars per month.

Your domain registration company and your hosting company can be two separate entities.


There are many different types venders who sell domain registration, hosting and website development. They can usually be broken down as follows.

  • A company who sells only hosting and domain registrations
  • A company who resells hosting and domain registrations
  • A company who sells hosting, domain registrations and website development
    • A company who primary sells website development
    • A company who primary sells hosting and domain registrations

Here’s some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Am I paying multiple venders?
  • What is my monthly cost to maintain my website?
  • Can I reduce my website expenses?
  • Does my website experience downtime?
  • If I leave my hosting company, will I be able to take my website with me?

If you need help figuring this out, contact TOCmedia. Our team can put you in the right direction and shed some light on the process.



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