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TOC Media is a digital marketing agency providing social media management, email marketing and blogging solutions to small business owners like you.

Social Media Management


Social media marketing is hard work. You need to know what to post, when to post, where to post and how it should be posted. It just makes more sense to hire a professional. That's where we fit in.

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Professional Blogging Services


If you have ever heard the phrase “Content is King” then you’re in the right place. In today’s world of digital marketing, content is everything. Show your audience that you are king of your own domain.

Website Domains, Hosting & Venders – Oh My

Small business owners often get confused when it comes to digital marketing; and, who can blame them! It’s hard to know and understand marketing if you haven’t any experience or training within the subject matter. […]

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My Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I love Google Chrome. It’s my favorite internet browser for many reasons. Mostly, I like the fact that it connects to my Gmail account and saves all my search history and bookmarks in the cloud. […]

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Social Media Management Tools for Small Business Owners

Here at TOCmedia, we work with many small business owners who have limited resources for their digital marketing campaigns. Being a small business ourselves, we completely understand the need to be as efficient as possible […]

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