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We're a digital marketing agency providing social media management, email marketing and blogging solutions to small business owners like you.
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Welcome to TOCMEDIA

Our mission is simple: We help small-business owners, organization leaders, and entrepreneurs successfully navigate the technological landscape of digital and traditional-media marketing. We successfully connect them to their target audience and help them achieve their marketing goals. We do this while encouraging freelance talent, and offering some of the most affordable and effective marketing services available anywhere.

Content Marketing

In today’s Digital Age, content marketing is one of the most powerful tools your organization can use. By creating content such as blogs, social-media posts, and videos that position you as an influential, authoritative voice in your field, content marketing helps you attract more clients.


As we travel deeper and deeper into the Digital Marketing Age, the ability to write clearly and persuasively about your product or service—on your website, in your blog, etc.—is one of the most critical ways to expand your reach and success. Need writing help? Turn to TOC!

Email Marketing

Looking for a smart, targeted marketing strategy that MAXIMIZES your Return on Investment? According to recent research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is your ticket! Here at TOC, we can create all your marketing emails AND send and manage them for you. Discover “The TOC Difference” today!

Google AdWords

Enjoy the revolutionary marketing power of Google “pay-per-click” advertising! Leave worries, complexity, and confusion behind by relying on TOC to manage everything for you, A to Z. You’ll LOVE how this breakthrough form of advertising goes directly to people “Googling” for products and services exactly like yours!

Facebook Advertising

Spending on Facebook advertising has EXPLODED in the last few years. And for a very good reason—it WORKS! Now you can use TOC’s state-of-the-art services to create and manage your customer-attracting Facebook advertising. Unleash the power of one of the Internet’s most awesome targeted-advertising strategies!

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, over 90 percent of your targeted customers are online—on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and other major platforms. Would you love to market to them effectively, but feel confused about how to do so intelligently and with maximum ROI? Turn to TOC’s trusted social media marketing experts!

Website Development

Building a website doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re here to kickstart your homepage and help you make it shine for years to come.

Our Team

Since 2009, CEO/President Tracy O’Clair and her TOC team have been one of Maine’s premier go-to sources for business leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to dynamically enhance their brand’s reach, visibility, and growth. Who are we? What marketing tasks do we perform for our clients? Meet the TOC team now!


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